Lots of people have questioned who the English really are and where they come from. This timeline sets out to answer that. The English are a Germanic race of people. Engles, Jutes and also Saxons. It discovers the English to be a very old people certainly. It explains several of the enigmas regarding the beginnings of the ethnic English. And also informs of where some of the ancient symbology and old myths originates from. The White Dragon, Woden (Wotan,) and the Steadfast sword. It takes around 20 minutes to read. I suggest that it will be an useful read certainly.

The First English and their old beginnings– a Scythian race?

The resource stories of both the English and also Scandinavian cultures declare that the Kings of both individuals stemmed from family members which came out of old Black Sea/Macedonian people. Jointly they are referred to as the people of Allfather from the Middle Enclosure. The English tales declare descent from old Troy. The Scandinavians claim descent from the faraway south-eastern city of Asgaard, which not exists as a matter of fact or in the historical record. The Gauls Gallic tradition claims their descent from warrior tribes forced to roam landless out of the region of the Black Sea, through Europe, to the ends of the globe … including the Britannic Island: Albion. Diodorus Siculus around 90 BC to 30 BC was a Greek historian, born at Agyrium in Sicily (now called Agira,) that defines the Gauls as a Germanic or Nordic kind people.

” The Gauls are high of body with rippling muscle mass and also white of skin and their hair is blond, and not only normally so for they additionally make it their practice by man-made means to raise the distinct colour which nature has actually provided it.”
Tacitus the Roman in his publication The Germania (De Origine et situ Germanorum) describes the Germanic people as having Red hair, and also blue eyes, as well as are of a large size. This is the same description that Herodutus provides of the Scythians based on the Black Sea previously in 500 BC. (See below.) Right now there were 80 Germanic tribes. Some will be described later on.

The Anglo-Saxon historian Bede records that the Picts own oral history declared their descent from a tribe that moved from Scythia to the North Sea, then in long ships west by sea to Northern Albion (Pictland). Almost certainly via Norway.

The ‘Celt’ myth and its answer.

Is this then why ‘Celtic’ (a made up word,) historians obtain puzzled by claiming that modern-day Anglo-Saxon English and also pre-Roman British (Alba) people are related with DNA. Thus incorrectly claiming ‘we are all Celt’. As a matter of fact the Picts’/ Nordic-Scandinavians/ Saxons and also certainly most of the Welsh are all related Germanic/ Black Sea individuals who have actually developed separately. They simply showed up in Alba/ British mainland at various times. They are Scythians. Irish Gaelic kind ‘Celts’ they are not. The Picts got here initially– to be examined by the Romans and also the Roman invasion of the British Isles, to after that have a new age of Scythian individuals show up some four hundred years after the Romans had the Saxon Advent in 449 AD. It answers the Celtic misconception. In reality there is little if any historic valid basis for the Celts, words being modern, testified from 1707. In the late 17th century the job of scholars such as Edward Lhuyd. It has more to do with ‘Irish revivalism’ than anything else.

The Gaelic Irish

The Irish Gaels show different genetics to the English, many of the Welsh as well as Pictish Scots, as well as have a various history completely. The Irish are in truth a totally non-Germanic non-Black Sea peoples. The Irish come right into English history through their nerve in promoting Christianity.

The Vikings.

They as well as various other Scanian individuals less the Finns who have a various origin, were those Germanic peoples who did not leave Scandinavia, yet paused a while to start various Viking invasions of mainland Britain as well as Europe from 700 ADVERTISEMENT onwards. In the UK tv program ‘Blood of the Vikings’, the job group discovered it difficult to inform the English Anglo-Saxon DNA from the Scandinavian Viking. Because they are the same Germanic people.

The Black Sea Origins of the English.

Probably the ethnic English, also, appeared of the eastern Mediterranean/Black Sea region following a forced displacement … evacuees from western Asia going into the Northern reaches of a welcoming new post-glacial paradise. The secret to the enigma might lie in the post-glacial variable …

With melting perma-ice the seas climbed for centuries after the Ice Age finished, as well as ultimately inundated what now plannings to have been a high Neolithic society existing in the Mesolithic Age, around the Black Sea basin, then several hundred feet listed below existing sea level. Essentially settlements around a tiny inland lake.

Evidence indicate the dispersal of that society after the very sudden flooding of the Black Sea basin (after the breaching of the Dardanelles) by rising Mediterranean Sea levels, over six thousand years earlier.

If the Black Sea flood was certainly Noah’s flood of the Christian Bible popularity, and also all of the displaced tribes had to take a trip much, in all directions, to find brand-new homes for themselves, it would certainly go far to discuss the lots of comparable beginning stories amongst the Nordic/ Germanic Pictish as well as Germanic Engles and also Saxons. That makes the English a very old individuals. And the large shock of fact for the Pictish Scots and also numerous of the Welsh as well as the English is that they share a common heritage.

If there was a centre of high society in the pre-flood Black Sea basin, it would certainly have been a very early Neolithic city. Such a centre of commerce would have attracted tribes from around the Black Sea basin, and past. It included sufficient distinctive tribes to have actually gained an online reputation for confusion … a tower of Babel if it was Noah’s city.

Asgard? Initial residence of the English?

Elsewhere North of that Scythian region, along the program of the Don River, it is said that the legendary city of Asgard additionally rested, safeguarding the way from Asia into Europe; as long ago that there was no trace of it left when Rome held the entrances to Asia. As soon as was a transitional Mesolithic people serving the people of those central plains, probably there. A human being which had briefly, someplace in that huge, endless country, the shed town of the Nordic gods. A place used by the ancestors of the English on their relocation northwards.

Proof of Nordic Peoples in Scythia – Herodotus

As has actually been mentioned above. The English could have been found out about 500 years prior to Christ. The only historic proof of Nordic peoples in this area prior to the Roman period is the account of Scythia by Herodotus (500 BC) in which he creates:

” The Budini, a effective and also numerous country, all have noticeably blue-grey eyes and also red hair; there is a community in their region called Gelonus, all built of timber, both dwelling-houses and temples, with a high wood wall surface round it, thirty furlongs each means. There are temples here in honour of Greek gods, decorated after the Greek fashion with altars, statuaries, as well as temples – though all created of wood; a triennial event, with the appropriate festivity, is kept in honour of Dionysus …
The language of the Budini is fairly different, as, indeed, is their society normally: they are a pastoral individuals that have actually constantly resided in this part of the country …”.

As there were no blue-eyed, red haired individuals living in Scythia by the time of Roman supremacy, these people need to have transplanted in the North. Did the Angles and also Saxons swap the Black Sea for the Baltic and also North (Nordic) Sea by way of extensive migration?

The only various other point which Herodotus mentions which is peculiarly Nordic in material is the account of a one-eyed people living far to the north of Scythia whose gold stockpiles are guarded by lions. This might be a telling of the all-seeing one-eyed god Wotan (the Saxon God Woden,) and obviously the dragons which were believed to dwell underground safeguarding their gold heaps. The future White Dragon of the English?

Enter the White Dragon of the English.

The vivid summary of the dragon as a worm, coming out only at night when it is seen blazing through evening skies cloaked in flame, and also doomed to seek out stockpiles in the ground completely explains meteor strikes and also shooting celebrities. They come to ground to bury prize stockpiles deep in the planet. It is the factor why The English share so much folklore with the Nordic Vikings.

Due north of the Black Sea is Scandinavia. The former Budini peoples, the Angles and also Saxons moved due North, with their family members, Traditions, myths as well as gods. These ancient English would certainly have promptly developed an identical team that might easily punch above their weight as well as battle off bigger people of unidentified individuals.

Caesar defines the relocation of the Helvetti in his job Gallic War. 263,000 individuals moved with big baggage trains. The Germanic Scythians would have been the exact same.

Alba– Albion– Land of Picts and Britons.

Britain as is today was called Alba at the time the Angles and Saxons were moving north some 6000 years ago and occupying Scania. It was inhabited by Hibernians. They inhabited the land before the arrival of the Germanic Brythonic individuals, and the Germanic/ Nordic Picts. The Picts came from Norway into Scotland by means of the Shetlands. They were of the same Black Sea ancestry as the Angles and also Saxons. It is true that long before the Saxon Advent of 449 AD Germanic people were working out along the east coat of Alba. Much of the Welsh or Wealh in old English indicating foreigner or servant were the teutonic Gauls who by Gallic practice a ‘made it’ to Alba. Plainly social language distinctions remain to now.

Yet as time was to play out and we quick onward momentarily, the Brythons (very much like the Teutonic Gauls,) were dominated by the Romans creating the Romano-Brythons. After the carnages of the male populaces by the Romans complying with the loss of Boudica’s revolt in AD 60 or 61, the Brythons started to take on a really Roman look. A brief Mediterranean sort of individuals began to inhabit exactly what we know as Alba or Britain. Not the tall Germanic individuals who looked like the Gauls. Alba ended up being Romanized with different squabbling disparate Romano-Brythonic tribes under Roman control, that ironically typically utilized Saxon as well as other continental Germanic tribes to maintain the peace. And also keep the Picts out of Roman lands! Little did the Romano-Brythons recognize of the particular for motion that these Germanic hirelings inevitably had within them.

1000 BC: The English cross the Baltic Sea to Jutland.

Some 3000 years ago the Scanian people moved across the Baltic and occupied the Jutland and also thence south to inhabit the lands of the Rhine, Elbe as well as Wesser. This wonderful breakthrough into just what is currently Germany was helped by various Nordic individuals coming at different times across the Baltic. Sea going skills, toughness and also re-deployment of the ancient skills of removing woodland to form burghs and Grubenhausen came to the fore.

250 BC: Move into the Germanic Central Uplands.

Around 2250 years ago these Nordic individuals began to relocate into the Central Uplands of Germany from the Jutland peninsula. Over the adhering to 200 years these people took control of the land between the Rhine and also the Vistula, and also the Danube and the Baltic. They were so effective that they spread out throughout large locations. They came to be 3 Germanic peoples:.

  • Germans of the Sea.
  • Germans of the Forest.
  • Germans of the Steps.

50 BC to 150 ADVERTISEMENT: The Germanic Peoples of the Sea as well as the Saxon confederation.

50 BC saw the Germanic people of the sea worshipping Ing from that they thought they were come down. They included 4 tribes that ran as a federation:.

  • The Engle– later the Angles– The English.
  • The Seax– named after their battling knife– later the Saxons (Sons of the Sword.).
  • The Eote– later the Jutes.
  • The Friese– The Frisians.

Accomplished fishermen and also sea raiders, they were knowledgeable seafarers long before their relatives the Vikings Occupying the Northern part of Germania, they maintained in call with various other Nordic peoples, as well as understood the North Sea as well as Baltic well. They also understand of Alba, its abundant lands, as well as eventually when the Romans inhabited the island, its weak set of Romano-Brythonic people. These were warlike times when leaders of people were ultimate warriors. They would certainly old the arts in ridicule. Uneducated essentially, they were oddly sufficient to later on create a few of one of the most startling manuscripts as well as jewellery ever before seen. The summary of the specific Germanic Sea people below hence needs to be put in the context of these times. They are described as confederation by the Greek Ptolemy in his work Geography in 150 AD.

The Jutes.

The Eote as they were recognized or Ytene as the Saxons called them later. They provided their name to Jutland, where they are still known by that name.

The Frisians.

Occupied the distinctive set of islands simply off the North German coast. Separated as well as resourceful they would have fitted well with the confederation of Germanic Sea Peoples.

The Seax – The Saxons (contemporary term,)– ‘Sons of the Sword’.

Truly a formidable Germanic sea people. Charlemagne (742 ADVERTISEMENT to 814 AD,) called them ‘relentless’. In 470 ADVERTISEMENT Sidonious informs of how they would provide to the ‘magnificent spearman of the sea.’ He describes how after raiding lands to the South, they picked one tenth of the prisoners to be tortured or drowned in the hope of getting beneficial seas. They robbed coast lines as much southern as Spain. Eutropius reported that by 280 AD they were respected pirates.

The Sons of the Sword were a truly merciless people. Tacitus tells of how their own ‘sodomites and also law offenders’ were drowned in bogs. This ferocity meant the battleground.

On land the Saxons were a much feared opponent. An instance of Germanic ferocity is that of the Battle in the Teutoburg woodland (German Teutoburger Wald): In 9 BC, Hermann a Germanic battle lord assailed three legions in the forest. Over 2 days days, whilst thunder as well as lightening crashed expenses, the entire Roman army was obliterated and also Germania stayed independent from Roman rule. Roman legionnaires were hung from trees or tossed right into wolf pits. Heads were nailed to trees. Garments, tools. equines, tack, and saddles were destroyed. One could see this later in the Saxon invasion of Britain from AD 449.

The Suth Seax under Ælle entraped a host of Romano-Brythons in Pevensey castle in the South coast of what is currently England as well as eliminated every one of them to honour Woden. In Suffolk a county of contemporary England there is a location called Woolpit. It was except woollen. When the Saxons moved into Winchester additionally in the South of England it had a totally working Roman design online forum. When the Saxons had completed it was and also still is hard core. Chester, among the largest cities outside Rome – it was levelled such was the hatred the Saxon confederation has for the Romans and also the injuries they had inflicted over some 400 yaers and even more.