Yoga keeps your mind at peace and allows you to connect with yourself and nature.

This is something which we are very much familiar with.

Sometimes, you may feel bored with the routine Yoga classes, and wish to just relax and let yourself free with a bottle of beer. What if I say that you can actually do both the things together?

Beer + Yoga = Beer Yoga. That’s what trending in London, but who started it off and is it for real or another rumor?

Beer Yoga Exercise


Is this Beer Yoga Exercise for Real?

Beer Yoga is for real, and the idea was first originated in the Burning Man festival where the beer-loving Emily and Jhula tried their hands on performing yoga with a beer bottle in hand.

On asking about this new trend, Emily says that they have combined two of the most comforting pleasures together. Yoga and the Beer, when joined together allows you to get the comfort and peace from Yoga, and Beer keeps all the fun.

Do you know when was beer invented? It was back in the 3500 BC when some pottery jars were found in the place, which is now Iran. Beer is one among the first discoveries that made use of the biological process called fermentation.

What do I feel about Beer Yoga?

But somewhere I just don’t find it right. It’s just my personal opinion. Yoga is one of the worldly accepted forms of meditation that keeps you at peace with full focus. If you want to level up your concentration game, then this is one among the effective and easiest ways you can attain it.

But what’s the point of keeping the Beer in the picture? 

Well, if you are doing it just for fun and enjoyment you can go ahead and join your friends on this Beer Yoga. It’s surely not meant for those who want to get the real essence of Yoga.